What is Edging?
Over the past 6 years, the trend of edging has gained in popularity, leaving the uninitiated curious and wondering: what is edging? What are the benefits of edging? And - how do you edge yourself? So - What is Edging? In simple terms: Edging is a sexual technique to delay orgasm while maintaining a high level of arousal. Most men can control...
What is BDSM

What is BDSM?

BDSM is erotic role play, incorporating a wide variety of activities including bondage, discipline, power play, and fantasy. First and foremost, BDSM is the consensual exploration of specific fantasies, desires, and activities. It has...
Anorgasmia in Women

Anorgasmia in Women

Anorgasmia Definition Anorgasmia in women is a condition that prevents a woman consistently from having an orgasm. She can either have difficulty orgasming, or does not orgasm at all in response to sexual stimulation. Primary anorgasmia...
how to have multiple orgasms

How To Have Multiple Orgasms

It's a secret we all want to learn, really: how to have multiple orgasms. What exactly does it mean to be multi-orgasmic? And - how many times can a woman come in a row? Well, it...
Anal Pleasure for Men

Anal Pleasure for Men

Is anal sex pleasurable for all men? Anal sex is often thought of as only being for gay men or kinky heterosexual couples who like to mix up their game a bit. No matter...

Perineum Stimulation

What is the Perineum? The perineum is present in both men and women. It is supplied by the pudendal nerve and many other nerve endings, which makes receiving touch in this area pleasurable to some...

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