What is BDSM
BDSM is erotic role play, incorporating a wide variety of activities including bondage, discipline, power play, and fantasy. First and foremost, BDSM is the consensual exploration of specific fantasies, desires, and activities. It has always been a titillating subject, not only due to the association with taboo sexuality, but also because of the complex emotions it arouses. From the...
What is a Relationship Coach?

What is a Relationship Coach?

Intimate relationships can be amazing, passionate, and expansive experiences. They can also be quite difficult. To have profound, fun and fulfilling relationships, a diverse quiver of skills is necessary. A relationship coach is someone who...
Anal play

How Pleasurable is Anal Sex for Women?

For some women, anal sex is at the very top of the pleasure menu. For others, it's firmly in the no-no-never zone. Taboos, fears, or past bad experiences around anal touch has made them shy away...

What is Sex Coaching?

Sex coaching is a new approach to dealing with sexual and related relationship issues. Sex coaches not only help their clients overcome problems such as sexless marriage and sexual dysfunction, they also guide them...
How to become a sex therapist

How to Become a Sex Therapist

If you have ever wondered how to become a sex therapist, it is important to understand the level of commitment, education, and practice hours needed to begin this career. Any licensed therapist can become...
What is Edging?

What is Edging?

Over the past 6 years, the trend of edging has gained in popularity, leaving the uninitiated curious and wondering: what is edging? What are the benefits of edging? And - how do you edge yourself? So...

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