What is Edging?
Over the past 6 years, the trend of edging has gained in popularity, leaving the uninitiated curious and wondering: what is edging? What are the benefits of edging? And - how do you edge yourself? So - What is Edging? In simple terms: Edging is a sexual technique to delay orgasm while maintaining a high level of arousal. Most men can control...

What is Somatic Sexology?

While sexology is the study of sex, somatic sexology is one branch that uses a more embodied approach. Somatic literally means “of the body” and somatic sexology attempts to bridge the mind-body split to...
Low desire

Low Libido in Women & Sudden Loss of Sex Drive

Low libido in women and sudden loss of sex drive are the most common sexual complaint among women of all ages, seeking help from a professional. Unfortunately, most of the literature discussing the causes of...
Sex Surrogate

What is a Sex Surrogate?

The concepts of sex surrogates and surrogate partner therapy were originally introduced by pioneering gynecologist Dr. William Masters and sexologist Virginia Johnson to help men overcome sexual dysfunction. Currently, sex surrogates work with both men and women....
How to become a sexologist

How to Become A Sexologist

Sexology is defined as the scientific study of sexuality, and can be examined from many different angles. A sexologist in general studies sexual desires, sexual function, and sexual behaviors, but there are a variety...
How to become a sex therapist

How to Become a Sex Therapist

If you have ever wondered how to become a sex therapist, it is important to understand the level of commitment, education, and practice hours needed to begin this career. Any licensed therapist can become...

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