how to fix a broken marriage
The reasons for marriages to crumble and break are as diverse as the human psyche itself. Maybe the fire went out, one of the partners stopped trying, trust was broken, or an affair stepped into the void of an already shaky relationship. So - how do you fix that broken marriage and ultimately save your relationship?
How to become a sexologist

How to Become A Sexologist

Sexology is defined as the scientific study of sexuality, and can be examined from many different angles. A sexologist in general studies sexual desires, sexual function, and sexual behaviors, but there are a variety...
Low desire

Low Libido in Women & Sudden Loss of Sex Drive

Low libido in women and sudden loss of sex drive are the most common sexual complaint among women of all ages, seeking help from a professional. Unfortunately, most of the literature discussing the causes of...
Does Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Does Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Sex coaches and therapists often get the question "does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?” from their clients. And - "are there any easy erectile dysfunction solutions"? The answers are not straight forward - but there are...
What is a Relationship Coach?

What is a Relationship Coach?

Intimate relationships can be amazing, passionate and expansive experiences. They can also be quite difficult. To have profound, fun and fulfilling relationships, a diverse quiver of skills is necessary. A relationship coach is someone...

What is a Love Coach?

Is a Love Coach Only For Dating Advice - and Other Frequently Asked Questions There is a common misconceptions that love coaches are only useful for single people, in need of support with dating and...

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