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    How to Write an Online Dating Profile: 4 Essential Rules

    Online dating has never been more popular. 35 percent of relationships now start online, and over half of the single US adult population is dating online. Before you can tap into this wellspring of singles however, you have to overcome the hurdle of figuring...
    Premature Ejaculation

    Anorgasmia in Men

    What is Anorgasmia? Anorgasmia in men is when a man is unable orgasm from normal sexual stimulation. Primary anorgasmia is when a man has never...
    What is BDSM

    What is BDSM?

    BDSM is erotic role play, incorporating a wide variety of activities including bondage, discipline, power play, and fantasy. First and foremost, BDSM is the...
    man and woman in bed, experimenting with the best foreplay ideas for men

    From Tease to Please: Best Foreplay Ideas For Men

    Foreplay is an incredibly important part of seduction. It has wonderful benefits on all levels - emotional, psychological and physical. It helps our minds...
    The clitoris

    The Clitoris – It’s So Much More Than You Think!

    Throughout history, the clitoris has been shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. Various institutions doubted its existence, and condemned the pleasure this vital organ...
    Woman acting jealous when her partner looks at another woman

    How to Deal with Jealousy: Understanding Its Triggers, Meanings, and Coping Strategies

    Jealousy is a multifaceted emotion that emerges from various sources within ourselves. On the surface, it can manifest in the feelings you experience when...