How to keep a relationship alive in times of social distancing

How to Keep a Relationship Alive in Times of Social Distancing

There are so many social consequences to the current pandemic, it’s hard to predict how they will affect our relationships in the long term....
girl showing how to sext

How to Sext – and Become a Master

While the world might place limitations on us, there is one thing that can never be taken from us: our imagination. No matter if...
how to fix a relationship after cheating

How to Fix a Relationship after Cheating

Infidelity. Cheating. Adultery. Affair. Extramarital relations. No matter what word you use to describe it - it's the ultimate trust breaker in a relationship. Is there a chance you can ever repair that? And how do you successfully fix a relationship after cheating?
how to fix a broken marriage

How to Fix a Broken Marriage in 3 Steps

The reasons for marriages to crumble and break are as diverse as the human psyche itself. Maybe the fire went out, one of the partners stopped trying, trust was broken, or an affair stepped into the void of an already shaky relationship. So - how do you fix that broken marriage and ultimately save your relationship?
Sad girl thinking about how to fix a relationship

6 Steps to Fix a Toxic Relationship

There are many different reasons loving connections get broken. And unfortunately there is very little concise guidance out there about how to fix a...
best dating profile

How to Write an Online Dating Profile: 4 Essential Rules

Online dating has never been more popular. 35 percent of relationships now start online, and over half of the single US adult population is...

Ethical Non-Monogamy

What is Ethical Non-Monogamy? Most societies promote monogamy as the normal, natural, or even moral way people are supposed to engage in relationships. Monogamy is...

Psychological Effects of a Sexless Marriage

While the root causes for a celibate relationship can be varied and complex, the psychological effects of a sexless marriage can be equally numerous...

Open Marriage Statistics

When you look at statistics on monogamy, marriages end 51% of the time. So is the concept of open marriage perhaps a better solution...
Couple practicing intimacy in a relationship

Intimacy in a Relationship

Intimacy in a relationship consists of two elements: emotional and physical intimacy. When a relationship is fresh, these elements are likely to be healthy...