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Celeste Hirschman
Celeste Hirschman is the is the co-creator of the Somatica® Method and the co-founder of the Somatica® Institute. She received an MA in Human Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University, and a BA in Women’s Students from UCSC.

In her teaching and coaching, Celeste routinely draws on her extensive training in attachment psychology, sociology, gender studies, and body-based modalities like Hakomi. She uses these embodied learning principles to help students and clients tap into their own somatic wisdom, deepen their experiences of pleasure, and realize their full personal and professional potential.

A prolific writer, Celeste researched and published a defining paper on adolescent sexuality development in 2006, during her tenure at SFSU’s Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality.

Since then, she has co-authored 3 books with Danielle Harel: Cockfidence, Making Love Real, and Coming Together. She writes frequently and is generally the first expert journalists turn to for quotes and information on sex, dating, and relationships.

No matter what she does – whether she is co-producing the sex-coaching-based TV series Here She Comes, or teaching at the legendary Esalen Institute – Celeste always brings her unconditional love, scintillating presence, erotic energy, and insight to every part of her work.

Danielle Harel
Dr. Danielle Harel is the the co-creator of the Somatica® Method and the co-founder of the Somatica® Institute. She has a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality (DHS), a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW), and a Bachelors (BA) degree in Psychology and Educational Counseling.

As a somatic sexologist, professor, and author, Danielle has devoted the last 20 years to resolving her client’s sexual challenges, training sex & relationship coaches, and empowering people. Harnessing her extensive training in sexology, psychology, and body-based modalities like Hakomi, attachment theory, character theory, and neuro-patterning, she guides people in reaching their fullest personal, professional, and sexual potential.

In addition to being faculty at Esalen and teaching the Advanced Somatica Training and Mastery Classes, Danielle has most recently embraced the adventure of co-producing the TV series Here She Comes – an episodic based on the Somatica Method (currently in production).

Before that, she published original research on Orgasmic Birth, and co-authored 3 books with Celeste Hirschman: Cockfidence, Making Love Real, and Coming Together.

She has also written extensively on sex, relationships, and dating, and is frequently quoted as an expert resource in publications.

To everything she does, Danielle brings her unparalleled passion, depth, intuition, and magnetizing personality.


Shelby Devlin
Shelby Devlin is a certified Somatica sex and relationship coach who practices in San Francisco, CA. She guides couples rekindling passion, facilitates repair and negotiates changing relationship boundaries. She also works with men who are struggling to connect with women emotionally and sexually. In addition, Shelby also teaches dominance, submission, S&M, and role-play. Before Somatica, Shelby worked for a fetish boutique as a public educator and instructor. She assisted classes ranging from “Health and Safety with Insertables”, to “Roleplay For Beginners”. She is a spirited practitioner, focused on practical elements to improve sex lives, dating, and relationships. If you're interested in working with her as a coach, you can contact her here.
Dimitry Yakoushkin
Dimitry Yakoushkin is a Sex and Relationship Coach and a Certified Somatica Practitioner since early 2010. He is also a Sexological Bodyworker and trained in the Hakomi Method – a body-based, mindful experiential therapy method that helps clients get in touch with and live from their deepest self.

Dimitry is faculty at the Somatica Institute, where he assists in teaching the Core Training. As a Certified Somatica Supervisor, he supports Somatica graduates in their coaching skills.

His in-depth work and commitment has helped countless couples increase fulfillment and joy in their intimate connection and their lives.

If you would like to work with him as a coach, you can contact him here.

Irina Verwer
Irina Verwer is a trauma-informed somatic therapist and intimacy coach in Berlin, Germany.

Living with complex PTSD and chronic physical pain herself, Irina has first-hand experienced how important it is to make self-care a top priority. With a focus on self-love, authenticity and resilience, she has connected lessons from her experiences with lessons on nutrition, yoga, Ayurveda, the female body and its cycles, and somatic therapies.

Irina is specialized in working with women who have experienced sexual trauma, or are struggling with pelvic pain.

If you're interested in working with her as a coach, you can contact her here.