How To Have Multiple Orgasms

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It’s a secret we all want to learn, really: how to have multiple orgasms. What exactly does it mean to be multi-orgasmic? And – how many times can a woman come in a row?

Well, it depends on which woman you are talking to, as each woman’s orgasmic capacity and experience is unique. Multiple orgasms for some women means having several orgasms in rapid succession without much of a break in between each one. For others, it means experiencing a few orgasms within one sex session, spaced several minutes (or more) apart.

How Many Times Can a Woman Come in a Row?

Women have been experiencing multiple orgasms for thousands of years. In the mid-twentieth century, the infamous sex researchers Masters and Johnson began documenting the phenomenon. So how many times can a woman come in a row, in one session? The world record holder for the most orgasms by a female in an hour in a lab setting has been set at a whopping 134 orgasms!

Granted, of course, this study participant is an outlier and most women will not be able to achieve nearly that many climaxes in such a short period of time. Masters and Johnson published a study on how many times a woman can come in a row in their book Human Sexual Response. They found that the average number of orgasms that multi-orgasmic women achieved before reaching satiety in a single session was around three or four.

How to Have Multiple Orgasms

Women who are multi-orgasmic report that utilizing a different stimulating technique on the genitals after the first orgasm helps them achieve the next orgasm. Here are more tips and techniques you can try if you want to learn how to have multiple orgasms:

  • Switching from using your hand to receiving oral sex.
  • Try using a vibrator or stimulating the clitoris indirectly through the clitoral hood.
  • Stimulate a different area of the genitals and have a different type of orgasm (e.g., instead of having another clitoral orgasm, you could switch to stimulating the G spot and go for a cervical orgasm or G spot orgasm).
  • Slow down and have no stimulation on the clitoris for about 30 seconds before arousing it again.
  • Some women swear by the following technique: after climaxing, they or their partner continue to stimulate the clitoral area slowly for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then they ramp the pace back up to go for a second orgasm. Giving touch near the clit – but not on it – when she is very sensitive can give her a much-needed break before the next round of stimulation. Instead of stopping all stimulation, this technique will keep her arousal levels high.

Many women are best able to climax through manual stimulation (i.e., using fingers). The vast majority of women cannot come from sexual intercourse alone, so figuring out what type of clitoral stimulation works best for your partner is worth doing. Some women may prefer to stimulate their clits with their own fingers or with a vibrator, while others like it when their partner gets in on the action.

Oral sex is another common route to orgasm for many women. And, of course, we cannot forget anal pleasure. Although perhaps not quite as popular as other forms of stimulation, some women are able to orgasm from anal stimulation in combination with clitoral stimulation, and this sort of stimulation is often good for a follow-up orgasm once a woman has been warmed up from other types of stimulation. Some women also enjoy edging as a way to lengthening their arousal and achieve a stronger orgasm.

how many times can a woman come in a row

Are All Women Capable of Multiple Orgasms?

If you can orgasm, you can probably have multiple orgasms. In a paper entitled The female sexual response revisited: Understanding the multiorgasmic experience in women by Darling, Davidson, and Jennings, the researchers studied a group of more than 800 female college graduates and found that 43% of the women reported having had multiple orgasms before.

Another study done by Dr. Christine Webber and Dr. David Delvin reported the percentage of women who can orgasm multiple times in one session is closer to 70%. A subset of their study participants (about 2%) was even able to have up to 20 orgasms in one session, which led to them being dubbed as “super orgasmers.” Yet, it is possible that the women who reported never having had multiple orgasms may never have tried to do so. It’s also worth noting that some women simply may not wish to have more than one orgasm at a time – and that is perfectly okay too.

Women who self-identify in studies as believing they are not capable of having multiple orgasms report that their genitals are too sensitive after the first orgasm to receive further stimulation. Over-stimulation of the clitoris is for many not the way to go – particularly if one wishes to learn how to have multiple orgasms.

How to Give a Woman Multiple Orgasms

If you are wondering how to give a woman multiple orgasms, it is important to know that foremost she needs to be comfortable and feel like she is able to let go. The best place to start is by talking to her about how she wants to be touched. This may sound incredibly basic, but it is one of the keys to pleasuring your partner.

  • Know thy partner. Make sure you take the time to warm up your lover properly with as much erotic touching as she needs. Some women may not need a lot of time to get their erotic engines running, while others may require a fair bit of foreplay to reach the arousal threshold. The bottom line is that the more turned-on she is, the more likely she is to have one or more orgasms.
  • Keep contact. Once she has had her first orgasm, make sure you stay tuned in before trying to build her arousal levels back up. Cupping her vulva with your hand can be a nice way to ground her and feel connected as she comes down from the first orgasm. Another good area to stimulate during this in-between period is her nipples.
  • Communicate before you stimulate. Besides relying on physical cues from your partner, it is never a bad idea to just flat out ask her if she’s ready for more. Assuming you are going for a clitoral orgasm after she has already had one, make sure to go back in slowly and stimulate the area around the clitoris as you make your way back in.
  • No pressure. Every woman is sexually wired in a different way. For some women, this means that multiple orgasms are the norm, while for others it is a rare occurrence, or perhaps has never even happened before. Regardless of whether or not they are part of your repertoire, the most important thing is to enjoy your sexual experience.

How a Sex Coach Can Help

Whether you are interested in learning how to have multiple orgasms yourself, or how to give a woman multiple orgasms, a sex coach can be very helpful. You might want to work with a Somatica Sex Coach who can help you with warm-up, seduction, and talk you through the techniques of how to give multiple orgasms.

If you would rather have someone teach you how to have multiple orgasms in a more hands-on way and you are a woman or a couple, you can engage a sexological bodyworker to teach you.

Find a professional sex coach near you or by expertise now.

Danielle Harel
Danielle Harel
Dr. Danielle Harel is the the co-creator of the Somatica® Method and the co-founder of the Somatica® Institute. She has a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality (DHS), a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW), and a Bachelors (BA) degree in Psychology and Educational Counseling.

As a somatic sexologist, professor, and author, Danielle has devoted the last 20 years to resolving her client’s sexual challenges, training sex & relationship coaches, and empowering people. Harnessing her extensive training in sexology, psychology, and body-based modalities like Hakomi, attachment theory, character theory, and neuro-patterning, she guides people in reaching their fullest personal, professional, and sexual potential.

In addition to being faculty at Esalen and teaching the Advanced Somatica Training and Mastery Classes, Danielle has most recently embraced the adventure of co-producing the TV series Here She Comes – an episodic based on the Somatica Method (currently in production).

Before that, she published original research on Orgasmic Birth, and co-authored 3 books with Celeste Hirschman: Cockfidence, Making Love Real, and Coming Together.

She has also written extensively on sex, relationships, and dating, and is frequently quoted as an expert resource in publications.

To everything she does, Danielle brings her unparalleled passion, depth, intuition, and magnetizing personality.

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