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Sexual energy – sometimes referred to as erotic energy – is the intensity that spreads through your body and psyche when you fully integrate your erotic self into your life.

Some people feel there is a distinct difference between female and male sexual energy. However, studies of men and women describing how orgasms feel in their body however turned out to be indistinguishable.

The biggest mistake most people make is relegating their sexual energy to the bedroom. Those who nurture it regularly have a much better grasp on the tools they can use to attract and funnel that energy. We’ll show you how you too can spark and harness sexual energy in your daily life.

How to Channel Sexual Energy

There are three main pathways to cultivating this energy. There is no right way – you want to find out the source that is most enlivening and exciting for you.

1. Sexual Energy Meditation

A sexual energy meditation often includes breathwork and activating muscles in the genitals and throughout the pelvic floor. It may also include visualizations of energy moving through your body. Focusing on colors, energetic imagery, and light flowing through your body as you breathe and squeeze your pelvic floor can build erotic energy. 

2. Touch

For some people, the most direct pathway to cultivating sexual energy is through touch. You can do this through self-touch or receiving touch. You can also just use hands or bring in other implements like scarves, fur, or toys.

Female sexual energy

Self-touch – when you are giving yourself touch, you want to focus on the energetic connection between your hands and skin. Pay attention to the electricity that builds with lighter touch. Or the deepening and spreading of sexual energy that comes from firmer touch.

Receiving touch – if you are going to use receiving touch to cultivating sexual energy, you need to approach it differently than you would other forms of erotic engagement.

You want to think of the person touching you as a facilitator of your energy. You can use all the tools of sexual energy meditation – breath, pelvic muscle contraction and imagery – while you are receiving touch. Again, bring your attention to the energy that arises in your body as a result of different kinds of touch and stimulation. Feel the energy spread through your body as a result of the touch.

3. Fantasy

Lastly, if you want to spark your sexual energy using fantasy, you must first let go of any judgments around them.

Whether your fantasies involve a sacred energy exchange with nature or veer towards the playful or kinky, you can use your fantasies to raise the sexual energy vibrations in your body. There is no right fantasy – just the one that awakens your connection to your erotic self

How to Use Sexual Energy

Once you’ve cultivated your erotic energy, this heightened intensity can then be channeled to wherever you need it most.

Harnessing Sexual Energy for Manifestation

One way to use this energy is by flowing it into the areas of your life that you want to develop more fully. For example, many artists, musicians, and other creatives use erotic energy as part of their creative process. By connecting with their sexy selves they are able to manifest art, music, architecture, and even comedy or improvisation.

Harnessing sexual energy for manifestation works in more realms than the arts too. It can really be channeled into any area of your life you are looking to inject with more inspiration and joy. 

Woman doing sexual transmutation in desert

Sexual Transmutation

Sexual energy transmutation is the art of sending erotic energy to someone else. During this kind of sexual telepathy, you spirit energy across long distances, through erotic meditation, until you feel yourself connected to your chosen receiver.

Others use sexual transmutation for more proximate exchanges. When you are in the same room with someone, you may have a sexual energy transmission through eye contact, touch, shared breath, erotic talk, or sacred energy exchange. It happens when you share the divine energy inside of yourself and receive the same energy back.

How to Control Sexual Energy

While some people are interested in heightening their erotic energy, others feel like they have too much of it. They are distracted by it and, when it gets too high, it takes away from their daily life.

Sexual energy meditation can be a way to gain more control and perspective around this intensity. Instead of just letting it run the show, you can use breath to slow it down and spread it around (especially if it gets very concentrated in your genitals). 

You might even practice this meditation while you masturbate. Try using breath and touch to spread the energy through your body instead of simply expelling it through orgasm. If you can calm it down a bit, you might be even able to use it for manifestation or sexual transmutation. Also, some people simply have very high levels of eroticism and need to masturbate to orgasm frequently in order to self-regulate.

How a Sex Coach Can Help

If you are someone who is interested in learning how to use sexual energy to enhance your life, a sex coach can help.

Just like with a new exercise program, it can be hugely helpful to have a guide who gets you started and keeps you motivated. When learning about harnessing sexual energy for manifestation, you might come up against specific blocks that you need help understanding and moving through. A sex coach can gently guide you into facing those blocks, and integrating your erotic energy as a tool in every area of your life.

You can actually get started right now with this webinar by Somatica Method founders Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman:

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