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Hearing the term ecosexuality might conjure up visions of people making love to rocks, humping trees, or having giant orgies in the forest. While ecosexuals may enjoy these pleasures on occasion, the movement of ecosexuality is about so much more.

What is Ecosexuality?

Ecosexuality encompasses an erotic relationship with the earth, the related activist movement, and an orientation towards the earth as a lover and partner. In this relationship, ecosexuals might have sex with nature – or choose to compost and recycle. All of it though in reverence and service to their partnership with the earth. 

Originally labeled sexecology, the term described those seeking a partnership with other environmentally-conscious people. Sometimes, it was also in reference to green, sustainable sex toys.

Later, the term ecosexual came to be publicly recognized when it was adopted by American sexologist Annie Sprinkle and her artist spouse Beth Stephens. They used it to refer to the way they experienced erotic pleasure from the earth. As authors of the Ecosexual Manifesto, they drew a lot of attention when they married the earth in a wedding ceremony. The movement has since spread, with over 100,000 people worldwide identifying as ecosexual today. 

What is the meaning of ecosexuality?

Ecosexuality as Environmental Activism

Ecosexuality or sexecology can be practiced in many different ways, and the term encompasses diverse beliefs and identities. For some devotees, it is a way to express one’s sexuality entwined with a form of environmentalism and activism. Ecosexuals treat the earth as a lover, with respect and care, rather than a resource to be exploited. They bring fun and pleasure to their activism with performance art, and by supporting sex-positive environments. 

Ecosexuals also often experience nature as “sensual, erotic, and sexy.” They explore this connection in creative ways, including having sex with nature, having sex in nature, or simply by forging a sensual connection with the earth through sensory experiences. 

Followers of the ecosexuality movement turn the idea of earth as mother upside down. According to Sprinkles, “Ecosexuality is making the earth an urgent sexual matter. Instead of Mother Earth, where the earth comforts you, earth is your lover – on your level – putting the responsibility on you to uphold your side of the relationship.

Most of us certainly treat our mothers differently than our lovers. Ecosexuality asks us to treat the earth as a partner, acting in a way that supports her, while enjoying the many pleasures the natural world can bring. 

Man in nature, exploring ecosexuality

Ecosexuality as Sexual Identity

More than a movement also, ecosexuality is a primary sexual identity for some, and one of many identities for others.

At a time when diverse sexual and gender identities are broadly recognized, ecosexuality is also experiencing widespread acceptance. Practicing ecosexuals can fall on all ends of the gender and sexual identity spectrum. Someone can identify as heterosexual, homosexual, or bi-sexual and also choose to identify as an ecosexual. This inclusiveness opens up erotic doors and allows people to connect through their shared love for the planet.   

Ultimately, the movement is about making environmentalism sexy, fun, and inviting for all. It has attracted more people to environmental activism and broadened the understanding of what it means to be an activist. At a time when our planet and its inhabitants face many global challenges, the earth could seriously use some lovin’. 

How You Can Explore Your Erotic Connection to the Earth 

You don’t have to take on a whole new sexual identity or marry the earth in order to explore your erotic connection to the land.

There are many ways to experiment with ecosexuality, probing the power nature has to enliven our senses and bring us pleasure. Here are a few ideas for getting in touch with your connection to the earth: 

Get Naked!

Find a place in the natural world where you feel safe to run naked through a forest or dive into a lake. Notice the wind against your skin or texture of the grass brushing up against your leg. Notice the internal liberation or resistance you may feel and let it be there. Humans rarely anymore get the opportunity to feel the sun or rushing water of a river against our naked bodies. Be wild and strip down for an invigorating experience with lover earth. 

Explore Sensation

Run your hands through the mud, explore the crevices of a rock as you would the curve of a lover. Be present with the natural world without a goal or destination. Many ecosexuals find just as much pleasure in these quiet moments as they do in the more fiery sexual encounters with humans. Practice some erotic breathing while sitting next to a river to see what new pleasures might flow. 

Nude girl in the ocean, enjoying an ecosexual connection to nature

Try Self-pleasure

Ecosexuals don’t just make love to the earth, they make love to themselves and partners in the natural world. Find a safe, private space to spend some time with your body in a new environment. Explore new touch and sensation as you explore the flora and fauna. Don’t be afraid to get dirty! 

Get It On

Having sex with a partner in the natural world can be one of the hottest and most primal expressions of our sexuality. Find a partner (or two) and get it on in the woods. 

Finding a comfortable spot to get frisky can be challenging at times. While the sensation of cold sandstone on your back can be extremely pleasurable, it doesn’t always make for the most comfortable sex positions. Try a bed of grass or standing up if you can’t find an ideal location to lie down. Try doing it in a body of water. Get creative and you’re sure to find the sweet spot. 

Try Eco Friendly Sex Toys and Lubes

One way ecosexuals show their love for the earth is with their wallets, choosing to buy products that are green. Support sustainable companies by using only organic materials on/in your body. Show the earth some love by treating yourself to a new toy or sustainable self-care product.

Is Ecosexuality for Me? 

It’s important to remember that ecosexuality can be practiced in a lot of different ways. While many ecosexuals do explore direct erotic connection with the earth, sex with trees is not required.

Your particular ecosexual expression doesn’t matter as much as your intention to practice it. Delight in knowing that you’re joining a global community of people who are putting the planet first. They have changed their relationship from one of exploitation to one of partnership.

If you feel drawn to explore a new sexual expression or live more fully, ecosexuality and its natural delights might be for you. 

However – if you’re feeling conflicted, unsure, or have been wanting more guidance in your life around your sexuality, seeing a sex coach might be useful. Here’s a handy directory to help you find a sex coach near you, or a practitioner specialized onto gender, relationship types, or other issues.

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Celeste Hirschman
Celeste Hirschman
Celeste Hirschman is the is the co-creator of the Somatica® Method and the co-founder of the Somatica® Institute. She received an MA in Human Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University, and a BA in Women’s Students from UCSC.

In her teaching and coaching, Celeste routinely draws on her extensive training in attachment psychology, sociology, gender studies, and body-based modalities like Hakomi. She uses these embodied learning principles to help students and clients tap into their own somatic wisdom, deepen their experiences of pleasure, and realize their full personal and professional potential.

A prolific writer, Celeste researched and published a defining paper on adolescent sexuality development in 2006, during her tenure at SFSU’s Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality.

Since then, she has co-authored 3 books with Danielle Harel: Cockfidence, Making Love Real, and Coming Together. She writes frequently and is generally the first expert journalists turn to for quotes and information on sex, dating, and relationships.

No matter what she does – whether she is co-producing the sex-coaching-based TV series Here She Comes, or teaching at the legendary Esalen Institute – Celeste always brings her unconditional love, scintillating presence, erotic energy, and insight to every part of her work.

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