5 Essential Ways To Celebrate Self Pleasure

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In case you didn’t know, there is something we should all be celebrating as soon as possible – the beautiful practice of self pleasure. Indeed – May is Masturbation Month, and May 7th is National Masturbation Day.

For most of us, masturbation was our first sexual experience. But instead of giving our relationship with ourselves the time and attention it deserves, we often think of self pleasure as a functional quick-fix.

Now there is nothing wrong with that. But why not see how much pleasure and fun could be had if we gave masturbation a little more love? Here are a few ideas of how you can bring some of that spring fever energy back to yourself – which will hopefully inspire you to spread the love.

1. Take Your Time With Exploring Your Self Pleasure

When was the last time you actually set aside some quality time to touch yourself? Make a date with yourself that involves a bit of lead up, some extra attention, and maybe a delicious nap afterwards. You may surprise yourself with your own potential for self-induced pleasure when you actually dedicate a solid window of time.

Woman taking her time with self pleasure

2. Mix It Up

Most people have a go-to way they masturbate. Practices can vary widely among individuals and cultures, reflecting diverse preferences and techniques.

Some people just like manual stimulation. Others incorporate the use of sex toys such as vibrators or dildos, experimenting with different sensations and intensities. Yet others may engage in edging, a practice involving bringing oneself close to orgasm before pausing to prolong the experience. Exploring specific fantasies, experimenting with different positions, reading erotic literature, or watching porn, a sexy tv show or movie can also greatly enhance arousal.

Ultimately though, these are all habits of efficiency. Although tired and true, consider keeping it fresh by changing things up a bit in your next self pleasure session.

3. Try It with a Masturbation Buddy

There is something to be said for mutual masturbation. Not only is it super hot to watch or have specific tasks as a helper (nipple sucking is a solid go-to). But watching your partner touch themselves can be very informative and give you all sorts of great ideas for how to pleasure them.

If you are into role-playing, there are many fun ways to create scenarios where you are only “allowed” to touch yourselves.

Smiling man in bath tub, masturbating

4. Change Up the Scenery

Maybe you generally pleasure yourself on that chair in front of your computer, in the shower, or in bed. Without risking arrest, why not think of a new location that might add a bit of variation to your routine?

Isn’t it time you try the couch, that secluded back porch or backyard, or a private spot, somewhere in the great wilderness? What about enjoying the sensation of the sand and sea on a remote beach? Or what about taking advantage of the anonymity and comfort of a hotel room during travel?

Masturbating in front of your partner on their work-at-home desk or over video chat while they’re on the road for work can be super hot as well.

Just remember to always prioritize your safety, comfort, and respect for others’ privacy and boundaries when exploring different locations for masturbation.

5. Buy Yourself a New Sex Toy!

Treat yourself! After all – much-beloved sex toy supplier Good Vibrations is the original masterminds behind Masturbation Month so why not show them – or your favorite local sex shop – some love and get yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

If it has been a while since your last purchase, you will be delighted to see how technology has advanced in the sexual pleasure field. From usb-charging suction toys to remote-controlled vibe necklaces, the future is at your fingertips – and in your pants.

Just don’t forget the lube.

Woman surrounded by sex toys

Most of all – it’s always is a great time to remember that we have the capacity to experience amazing amounts of pleasure on our own. We are whole sexual beings and we all deserve to dedicate some time to this part of our lives.

It’s silly that shame-based words about masturbation are used as insults. Let’s all commit to being proud wankers, jack-offs, baters, bean-flickers, or pearl-polishers.

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Celeste Hirschman
Celeste Hirschmanhttps://www.somaticainstitute.com/faculty/celeste-hirschman/
Celeste Hirschman is the is the co-creator of the Somatica® Method and the co-founder of the Somatica® Institute. She received an MA in Human Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University, and a BA in Women’s Students from UCSC.

In her teaching and coaching, Celeste routinely draws on her extensive training in attachment psychology, sociology, gender studies, and body-based modalities like Hakomi. She uses these embodied learning principles to help students and clients tap into their own somatic wisdom, deepen their experiences of pleasure, and realize their full personal and professional potential.

A prolific writer, Celeste researched and published a defining paper on adolescent sexuality development in 2006, during her tenure at SFSU’s Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality.

Since then, she has co-authored 3 books with Danielle Harel: Cockfidence, Making Love Real, and Coming Together. She writes frequently and is generally the first expert journalists turn to for quotes and information on sex, dating, and relationships.

No matter what she does – whether she is co-producing the sex-coaching-based TV series Here She Comes, or teaching at the legendary Esalen Institute – Celeste always brings her unconditional love, scintillating presence, erotic energy, and insight to every part of her work.

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