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Adam is a male intimacy coach who loves helping people discover what they want in intimate relationships and erotic expression – regardless of the cultural scripts they’ve been taught...


Bethany is a Somatica intimacy and relationship coach in the San Francisco Bay area. With empathy and vulnerability, she brings a creative approach to her coaching that allows her clients to...


Ginnette brings an extraordinarily loving, non-judgmental approach to her practice. Her goals are to guide you beyond shame and towards self-love, self-acceptance, and full embodiment. Focused on sex coaching for men and women,...


Margherita is a Certified Somatica Intimacy Coach in San Francisco – and a shame-warrior! As long as she can remember, she has questioned the shaming and guilting strategies often used by...


Sho-Sho specializes in helping men through her program, Masculine Arts™. She compassionately unravels ideas around masculinity and erectile performance, and guides them in understanding women and seduction. As an Chinese-American,...


Veronica is a Certified Somatica intimacy, relationship and sex coach, practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her passion is deeply connecting with others as a means to reflect, heal, and...

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