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After the realization that – while on a date – I was avoiding eye contact, covering my face and mouth at times and mumbling, I decided I needed help.

I needed help to lessen the entanglement my brain would go through in these periods of stress. I googled around and found Veronica.

From the first session, she helped take the stigma away from what I was going through. She helped to normalize seeking assistance, and seeking to improve my intimacy. From that moment, I didn’t feel alone and more importantly, I had a teammate there with me, helping me along. Before I knew it, I was sharing to a level I never knew I was capable of, and I was being heard and understood.

Veronica taught me skills that I don’t know how I have lived without, specifically connective embodiment. Here she gave me the power and ability to connect with myself. This has been such a huge addition to my life. I have been able to learn how to get out of my own head and connect with my body. Being able to do this means I don’t have to be the victim of the absurd negative scenarios my mind creates. I can gain peace, confidence and an altered perspective of my body.

I trust and greatly respect Veronica, not just because of the results I’m seeing, but also because of how skillfully she built a rapport with me, how each session challenges my preconceived ideas, and how expertly she crafts practical moments of learning.”

– Brad, Veronica’s client

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