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If you’ve ever had bleeding or pain after sex, you’ve probably googled the problem and have come upon the term cervix penetration. But what is it really? Can the cervix be stimulated without penetration? Is there always bleeding when it is penetrated? What about cervical orgasms? Here’s all you need to know.

First Off – What is the Cervix, Anyway?

Between the uterus and the vagina is a small canal called the cervix. It acts as the entrance to the uterus, and has a tiny opening. The length of this canal is about an inch, and unless dilated by a doctor or during birth, the entrance to the cervix is essentially as closed as your lips when pressed together.

The function of the cervix is to allow sperm to travel up to the uterus but to keep anything else out. During ovulation, menstruation, and sometimes during arousal or orgasm, the cervix can dip lower into the vaginal canal. For some women, clitoral, g-spot, or cervical orgasms will cause the cervix to pump itself lower into the vaginal canal. One theory holds that this may allow the cervix to collect sperm in a “lapping” motion.

Can I See My Cervix?

Why yes! With a simple speculum (you can purchase stainless steel or disposable ones online) to dilate your vaginal opening and a hand mirror, you can easily see your own cervix.

Cervix Stimulation vs. Cervix Penetration

During intercourse, a penis (or dildo) can definitely hit and stimulate the cervix. Long fingers are another way to reach it. For some women, cervical stimulation is quite pleasurable, though others have found it quite uncomfortable.

As anyone whose ever had their cervix dilated (for an IUD insertion, for example) will tell you – there are substantial amounts of nerves at the cervix opening. With that, there is also a lot of sensation present. Going slow, and feeling the moment when the tip of the object makes contact, will allow you to better map the location and all the associated sensations of the cervix.

It is very unlikely that a penis or any object during intercourse can actually result in cervix penetration. Using a very small device and utilizing drugs that facilitate dilation, only a doctor will have any luck opening the cervix. A long penis or dildo can push the head of the cervix up further into the uterus. It may feel like the cervix is being penetrated, but it’s actually not. Note that you should never try to intentionally penetrate the cervix.  

Can Hitting the Cervix Cause Bleeding?

People often ask if hitting the cervix causes bleeding. Indeed, intercourse with a penis or dildo can cause the cervix to bleed, especially if you are close to your period. It can also hurt or bleed if you are having particularly aggressive vaginal intercourse with a long penis or dildo. That being said, small amounts of blood after sex are no real cause for alarm. Both the vagina and cervix are quite robust structures. After all – they dilate to the size of a baby’s head during birth!

Does Cervical Stimulation Lead to Cervical Orgasm?

For some women, cervical stimulation will eventually lead to a cervical orgasm. This is a very specific type of orgasm, different from a clitoral orgasm or g-spot orgasm. For others, cervical stimulation will heighten their clitoral or g-spot orgasm, and these might be confused with a cervical orgasm.

One woman we interviewed said her cervical orgasm felt like ringing a bell inside her, and it vibrated all day long. If there is pleasure to be had from the cervix, by all means, go after it and do what feels good.

If contact with the cervix is uncomfortable or painful, lower the intensity or frequency of contact. Or go slow enough until it is not uncomfortable, and hopefully, pleasurable!