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“This is my first time through the Somatica online training which has allowed me to finally adjust to my new name and new dynamic between me and my husband. We were able to find a great trainer and coach – Roberta. Me and my husband are so grateful for the wonderful coaching we are receiving.

We joined Somatica to seek guidance to further advance our female-led relationship. I was very anxious and nervous at first, but Roberta immediately made me feel calm and gave me practical sensual guidance and tips so I can be much more expressive, more emotional, and energetic towards my husband.

After only a 75 minute session, I can proudly say that it made a HUGE difference. My husband is extremely happy with how things are progressing.

Thank you so much Roberta, and I am looking forward to many more sessions soon!”

– Jessica Patel, Roberta’s client

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