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“I began working with Hana shortly after ending a seven year marriage. As I embarked on this new and unfamiliar path of being single, I wanted to find more fulfillment in my romantic relationships, but I wasn’t sure where to start.

I’m so glad that I found Hana to guide me.

In our work together, we explored new ways of thinking and relating, helping to illuminate my old patterns as well as my strengths. Through this exploration, I could see clearly where I had been getting stuck. Hana also helped me identify what was most important to me in intimate relationships. During our coaching sessions, she always showed up as her authentic self and I felt safe to be exactly as I am.

I began to notice my confidence and my ability to be present was growing. With Hana’s support, wisdom, and kind heart, I saw that I could indeed find more fulfilling relationships.

My experience with Hana as my coach was profound. There is no doubt that the changes I’ve made with her guidance will be a gift I carry throughout my life. Not only have I improved my partnered relationships, I now have a more loving relationship with myself.”

– Sam, Hana’s client


Hana has been so crucial in my healing journey.

I came to her with years of shame, anxiety, and improper beliefs around sex. I had trouble getting erect with partners and was very disconnected from my own pleasure.

Hana provided a safe container of acceptance, love, wisdom, and compassionate guidance.

In this container, I felt safe enough to shed these layers of shame and anxiety around sex. I can’t imagine healing the way I did without her. She is an excellent coach who I am very grateful for.

Since working with her and growing under her coaching, I have no problem getting erect and my girlfriend has praised me as “the best sex of her life” and that “no one else can satisfy me the way you do”.

None of this would be possible without Hana.

If you are ready to not only heal and grow in the sexual arena but also just as a person, Hana should be your coach.

– Alex, Hana’s client

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